Michael Gräter
Michael Gräter

Passionate. Content. Creator.

Ever since I loved to create content. Taking pictures, shooting videos, animating, creating logos and brands. That’s what I love doing all day long. I’m a free spirit and enjoy beeing creative and just doing it my way, to show you the world through my eyes.

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What am I doing?


I started out with photography when I was 15 years old. So its my favourite hobby that somehow influenced my professional career. I'm shooting nature, nightsky, portraits and weddings.






In the last years I got really interested in videography and started developing in this field. TIll today I shot and produced many videos mostly for the social media channels of other companys.





I do all kind of animations for clients espacially logo animations to enhance the brand awareness and to enrich the branding of companies.


Enjoy my portfolio!

I’ve put together a portfolio my favourite peaces of my creative work. Click the button below to go to my portfolio site and see it for yourself!

photo portfolioVideo portfolio

My Skills

Video Production

Filming all kind of videos, such as corporate branding, advertisings, social media videos.

Video Editing

Video editing my own footage or your footage with Premiere Pro.


I'm shooting weddings, portraits, corporate pictures for websites or social media.


I'm animating with After Effects. I produce logo animations, animatied corporate videos etc.

Voice Over

I'm recording voice overs for videos or trailer.

Web Design

I've knowledge in html, css and wordpress.